Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Number of Season's..

There are four seasons currently under the belt from One Tree Hill. OTH has resumed filming this summer for the fifth season; the producers are actually jumping ahead five years into the future and picking up with the characters from instead of watching them in college; we are going to be watching them starting their new lives.

One Tree Hill


  • Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) - half brother of Nathan; Karen is his mom, Dan is his dad; lives in Tree Hill; best friend is Haley; involved in a love triangle including Peyton and Brooke (who are best friends)

  • Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) - big shot basketball player, previously known as a bad boy until his (now-wife) Haley made him a better man, emanciapated himself from his parents when he was 17; dated Peyton before Haley

  • Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton): cheerleader, off and on best friends with Brooke; artist; mom died years ago, dad is always working; has always had a love connection with Lucas; previously dated Nathan; hooked up with Lucas when Brooke and him were a couple

  • Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush): captain of the cheerleading team, off and on best friends with Peyton, roomates with Haley in the third season; major flirt; off and on relationship with Lucas

  • Haley James Scott (Bethany Joe Galeotti)- formerly known as "Tutor-Girl", best friends with Lucas; works at Lucas' mom's cafe 'Karen's Cafe'; married Nathan when she was 17; become a rockstar in the second season and her and Nathan separted because of that; became pregnant her senior year; was valedictorian and went into labor giving her speech

  • Dan Scott (Paul Johannsson) -Nathan's overbearing dad; also Lucas' dad with little contact; was a big basketball player back in the day; known as the 'bad guy' around town; became mayor (through blackmailing the old one)

  • Deb Scott (Barbara Alyn Woods)-Nathan's drug-abusing mom, friends with Karen
  • Karen Roe (Moira Kelly) - Lucas' mom; Dan got her pregnant in high school and just up and left her; started her on cafe; secretly loves Dan's older brother, Keith..